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I'm paying my advisor HOW much!?

Advisory fees... what is a reasonable amount and what should I be receiving in return? In today's episode, lets chat advisory fees. Specifically, we are going to discuss: The two most common kinds of advisory fee models in Canada The range of advisory fees you may come across What true advisory value looks like Is working with an advisor the right choice for you Lastly, I will finish up with some action items to help address some potential shortfalls in your current plan. WANT EVEN MORE RETIRMENT PLANNING TIPS? Join thousands of other Canadians and subscribe to the Retiring Canada Newsletter As a thank you, you’ll receive a copy of our latest Retirement Guide AND MORE! -  *** EPISODE RESOURCES: 📊  Get Your Complimentary “One-Page” Financial Plan - 💻 Subscribe to the Newsletter - 👉 Download Our Latest Retirement Guide - ✏️  Submit Your Question - 📘  Get a Copy of My Book - 🌐 Retiring Canada Website -



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